Allocating Contract Partners to a Contract


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Allocate contract partners to a contract

Contract Partners

Select the play button to learn how SAP business partners are used to represent contract and other partners in SAP Real Estate Management.

A business partner can be either a person, a group of persons, or an organization. Once a business partner is created as an organization, person, or group, the business partner type cannot be changed.

The reason for this is that the three business partner types require different information.

A business partner can be created from various apps in SAP RE, or directly in business partner management.

When a business partner is created, you can use the standard assignment methods to assign the business partner to a contract.

Different business processes require different business partner data. In some cases, you need to have contact data for business partners in order to call them or write them an mail. In other cases, you need the information about a business partners‘bank account in order to pay the rental fee.

Therefore, you must maintain certain business partner data depending on the type of business processes. For this reason, a business partner can have more than one role.

In SAP RE, you must first define in Customizing which roles are available for which applications. Creating and maintaining business partners from the related objects or contracts ensures that you use the related object or contract roles, and therefore enter the data necessary for this application.

To avoid redundant data, you enter the business partner information just once, regardless of how many roles the business partner has in different business processes. It is necessary to ensure the high quality, consistency, and reliability of data, for the following reasons:

  • Addressing a business partner by the wrong name or title is not a promising start for successful contractual negotiations.

  • Sending letters or e-mails to undeliverable addresses or e-mail addresses is a waste of time and money.

  • Sending the same information to a partner more than once is expensive (and also irritating to the business partner) Information on the relationships between persons or companies is to be mapped. These relationships can be time-dependent.

Select the play button to learn about the role types and relationship classifications for business partners and contracts.

In this exercise, you will assign and maintain contract partners in a contract.

Assign and Maintain Contract Partners in a Contract

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