Explaining the Usage of the Information System


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Benefits of Contract Information System

In his first work week, Chris learned a lot about contracts. He created the lease-in and lease-out contracts for the new office building in the system. Today, Maria tells him about an email from the Portfolio Management department. The colleagues need an overview of the existing lease-in and lease-out contracts for the company.

Maria asks Chris to take on the task of creating a contract overview list.

Select the play button to discuss the reporting capabilities for contracts and how to prepare the necessary information for lease contracts.

Maria gives Chris an overview of the contract information system. She also shows him which reports are available. Afterward, she tells Chris which general functions can be used in the information system. And these functions include:

  • List layouts.
  • Aggregation of data.
  • Sorting and filtering.

The contract information system in SAP Real Estate Management includes several reports which consider different contract attributes. Beside a general contract overview, there are reports for contract notices and renewals, for contract conditions, reminders and resubmissions, contract partners, and contract measurements. In every report, different contract details and attributes, aggregation levels, or time slices of contract data and contract attributes are considered.

It is important to know that some reports (such as notice or renewal reports) display the selected information and also are used to change or maintain data. For example, with the notice report, you can activate or reverse notices given for contracts. And with the renewal report you can maintain renewals and renewal options.

The reports in the information system can be executed by starting the relevant Fiori app. Contract-related reports for a single contract can also be reached from the Overview tab of the contract dialog. In the following lessons, different reporting capabilities related to contracts and their details will be described.

Reports from the contract information system provide comprehensive capabilities to adapt the selection criteria, to design the list layout, or to filter or sort data according to the reporting requirements.

For numeric data (e.g. contract conditions), totals, or even subtotals per contract types or other contract attributes can be built.

List content can be shown using graphics. List results can be downloaded in order to use them with other apps or tools.

There are different approaches one can take to analyze contracts and their attributes. The figure above shows some apps which can be used to analyze dedicated contract details. The apps displayed are grouped according to criteria like conditions and cashflow, notices and renewals.

The contract and lease management dashboard and the contract information system give an overview of contracts. They show general contract data and attributes (e.g. contract name, and contract start and end dates).

The apps in the group "Conditions, Cashflows, Items" considers posting-related contract data (e.g. conditions and cashflow items. And these are the basis for contract-related postings and contract-related posting documents.

Another group of apps concentrates on contract terms, notices, and renewals. The specificity of these apps allows the possibility to list notice and renewal data and to maintain notices and renewals directly from the lists.

Contract attributes, like partners, memos and resubmissions, can be reported using separate apps.

Chris thanks Maria for introducing him to the information system.

Select the play button to learn how to work with contract information systems and apps in this video. Explore key figures, contract cash flow, partners, and more. Understand time-dependent contract data and reporting requirements.

Select the play button to learn how to use the Contract Information System and the Contract and Lease Management Dashboard in SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud. Analyze key figures and values for dedicated contracts to get a comprehensive overview of lease contracts.

Select the play button to learn how the contract information system can help you manage and analyze contracts efficiently. Explore selection criteria, reporting capabilities, and fundamental functions and improve your contract management today!

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