Maintaining Contract Conditions in a Contract


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Maintain contract conditions in a contract

Contract Conditions

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At first you can maintain contract conditions manually.

The condition consists of various parameters, therefore, to add a new condition to a contract, you must choose the condition type, the condition purpose, validity dates, unit price and calculation formula.

Calculation Object – That is the object to which the given condition applies. This can be the entire contract or individual objects in the contract.

Condition type - An exact definition of a condition that specifies the amount paid for a specific service.

Condition Purpose - How and if a condition is considered during periodic posting (is considered, is only one time considered or is not considered at all).

Unit price – The amount defined per unit.

Validity dates - Defines how long the condition is valid, because not all defined conditions and their unit prices are always valid for the entire duration of the contract.

Calculation Formula – Defines how a condition amount is calculated.

The condition amount is calculated by multiplying the unit price with the values delivered by the calculation formula.

If the calculation formula has a value of fixed amount, then the value is unit price equal to condition amount.

Select the play button to learn how to set up and assign conditions to contracts.

In this exercise, you will maintain contract conditions in a contract.

Assign and Maintain Contract Conditions in a Contract

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