Explaining How to Preserve Contract Specific Layout for Future Reporting


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  • Explain how to preserve contract specific layout for future reporting

Maintain Layouts

Select the play button to learn how to adjust and customize the reporting system according to your specific needs and requirements. Find out how to create and save user-specific layouts for future use.

Chris recapitulates the steps which are necessary to create a user-specific layout for a list, e.g. for the "Cash Flow Information System" app.

The first step is the definition of the necessary and unnecessary fields. For the list Chris can choose the necessary fields from the field catalog. Often it is useful to sort data, in case of the cashflow report e.g. by company codes and contract types.

To sort data is important, especially for the creation of subtotals for dedicated criteria, e.g. per company code, or per contract type. But firstly, for the relevant numeric fields Chris has to create totals.

Chris did a lot of settings for the report. If he wants to use these settings in the future as well, he can save the settings within a user-specific layout. He knows that user-specific layouts start with any letter, whereas standard layouts delivered by SAP start with 0 (e.g. 0STANDARD).

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