Creating a New Project in SAP Business Application Studio


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a modeling project in SAP Business Application Studio

Projects in SAP Business Application Studio

The File Structure in the Repository of SAP Business Application Studio

In SAP Business Application Studio, projects are created in a folder structure that is specific to your user and your development space.

Watch this video to learn about file structure in the repository of SAP Business Application Studio.

When a project is opened in the Explorer view, you can navigate its content (sub-folders and files), open files with the editor, delete or move files, and so on.

The ribbon at the top of the Explorer view shows the name of the folder (capitalized). It is opened as a workspace, meaning that specific Business Application Studio settings can be associated to the folder.

Creating a Project from a Template

If you are starting from scratch and not working on an existing project, you use the Start from Template button on the Welcome tab. This wizard creates an near-empty project with only the base files provided to get you started.

Create a New Project from a Template

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