Navigating SAP Business Application Studio


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Describe the layout and features of SAP Business Application Studio that are relevant to modeling.

Interface of SAP Business Application Studio

Watch this video to learn about SAP Business Application Studio Interface.

SAP Business Application Studio offers a lot of different ways to perform the same action: menu commands, keyboard shortcuts, quick commands, and so on. The different views on the left are there to cover your need as a developer. Explore the file structure to create/modify/move/delete files, search/replace within file content, connect your workspace to Git, Debug, and so on.

The list of available views depend on the extensions that are included by default (depending on the kind of application your development space was created for) or added as options.

Some of the views are added automatically as icons to the very left of the screen, others are not. However, you can open any existing view by choosing ChooseOpen View.

Some views have their own left pane, while others appear as a sub-pane of another one. For example, the SAP HANA Projects and Java Projects views are presented in the same Explorer view.

To get a neat workplace, you can easily hide the icons of the views that you do not need. You can also hide any additional extension-related pane.

SAP Business Application Studio Editors

Watch this video to learn about the text editor and running commands.

The Quick Command feature is a powerful way to execute repetitive or one-time actions. The available commands come under different categories, such as Cloud Foundry, CDS, graphical modeling, and so on. Exactly like the views, the quick commands depend on the extensions installed in your development space.

The status bar of SAP Business Application Studio provides several types of information. Among these are notifications and information on problems (warnings or errors) in your code.

Another important piece of information if you work in Cloud Foundry is the Cloud Foundry status and, if applicable, the Cloud Foundry target. It also provides Git-related information, when a project is Git-enabled, such as the name of the checked-out branch.

Work with Basic Features of SAP Business Application Studio

In this demonstration, you will learn how to use the basic features of SAP Business Application Studio.

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