Working with Development Spaces


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create a Development Space for your modeling content in SAP Business Application Studio.

Development Spaces in SAP Business Application Studio

In SAP Business Application Studio, each developer has their own environment. This environment is made up of one or more Development Spaces.

Be careful not confuse development spaces with cloud foundry spaces.

When you create a development space, you will be asked to choose tools, known as extensions, that you require. For modeling in SAP HANA Cloud, it is essential that you include the SAP HANA Calculation View Editor extension in your development space. This is a key tool that you will use.

Watch the video, Configuring a Development Space, following this figure to learn about configuring a Development Space and choosing extensions.

Managing Development Spaces

The landing page of SAP Business Application Studio contains the list of Development Spaces. You may have access to more than one. This list Includes the following:

  • The name of the Development Space
  • The kind of application
  • The status: STOPPED, STARTING, RUNNING, and so forth
  • Creation date
  • ID

A Development Space must be running before you can work in it. You start it up from the landing page. When it is running, the name of the Development Space "becomes" a hyperlink that you use to enter your Development Space.


Any Development Space automatically stops, after some idle time, to preserve resources. Therefore, be sure to always check the status of a development space in the landing page before connecting to that space. This is especially true if you bookmark the URL of a development space, which includes the space ID.

Creating Several Development Spaces

Depending on the SAP BTP subscription, there might be some limitations to the maximum number of spaces that you can create, and the maximum number of spaces that can be running in parallel.


In an SAP BTP Trial account, you can define up to two Development Spaces and only one of these can be running at one time. If you need to swap development spaces, you must first stop the one you are using.

Maintenance of Development Spaces

When a Development Space is created, its name and kind of application cannot be changed. However, you can add optional extensions to the development space. Before you can do that, the Development Space must be stopped.


To preserve the existing projects of your development space, it is not possible to remove an extension that is already assigned to it.

It is also possible to export the entire content of a Development Space as a compressed .tar.gz archive. Before you can do that, the Development Space must be running.

At the end of the Development Space export, you are given detailed information on how to import the Development Space content into another one. Generally, the target Development Space should be an empty one.

Create a Development Space

Learn how to create a development space.

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