Implementing Minus and Intersect Nodes


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Generate data slices from multiple sources using minus and intersect nodes

Intersect and Minus Nodes

The intersect node is used to select the rows from one data source that also appear in another data source. You choose the columns on which the intersection check is made.

The minus node is used to select rows that appear in one data source but not another. Again, you choose the columns on which the minus check is made.

Watch this video to learn about the Set Operations - Intersect and Minus.

For the Minus node, the data sets are considered based on their order in the list of data sources for the node. Therefore, the output contains items from the FIRST data source that are NOT in the SECOND data source. In SAP HANA Cloud, it is possible to change the order of the data sources: just right-click on the Minus node and choose Switch Order.

Filtering relies on the list of attributes that are queried at runtime. In other words, a column that is provided by both source nodes, for example, Country, but is not queried at runtime, is ignored.

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