Describing SAP AI Services


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SAP AI Services

SAP AI Services as a part of the AI Foundation on the Business Technology Platform provide strategic services and applications that automate and optimize corporate processes and enrich customer experience. They are provided as re-usable services for SAP Business Technology Platform customers. They provide an API access to AI capabilities which you can utilize in your scenarios and development projects through services on top of the SAP Business Technology Platform.

For example, you can integrate personalized recommendations to your users based on your data and the users data. Or, you can accelerate document processing through the business document processing services: Document Information Extraction and Business Entity Recognition. For example, vendor inquiry or central inbox scenarios can get enhanced with them.

SAP Translation Hub optimizes the translation process for UI texts and documents using an SAP-approved repository, machine translation, and personalized terms. For instance, it could automate translation of the user interface in a multinational company's ABAP extension, ensuring consistency across languages. It further enhances efficiency by offering development-stage suggestions, enabling API functionalities for other applications, and allowing integration of industry-specific language data to improve translation quality.

Learn more about SAP AI Business Services in the official product documentation:

Key Takeaways Of This Lesson

SAP offers multiple services or applications in which AI is already included; the SAP AI Business Services for example. Using those services in your company enables you to transform your manual working steps into automated business processing.

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