Exploring the Sales Document Flow


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Discover how to create a sales contract in reference to a sales opportunity, linking a sales document flow that ensures visibility over the contract lifecycle.

Sales Document Flow

Let's visualize the entire Sales Document Flow, beginning with our first sales document, the lead.​

Once the lead is qualified, it can be converted into an opportunity.  Document flow will be updated, copying important lead data into the opportunity and linking the documents. An opportunity's sales cycle can assist in a sales quote to be generated.  This sales quote can be created as a SAP Sales Cloud Sales Quote or as an ERP Sales Quote, the ERP integration leverages credit checks, pricing, and material availability checks to be confirmed by the ERP system. Once a customer accepts the terms of the sales quote, an ERP Sales Order can be created. The system will generate two ID numbers for the sales order. One for SAP Sales Cloud and one called the External ID number that is replicated to ERP system for shipping, logistics execution, and billing. ​

Now, I'll demonstrate how to Link Contracts to Other Documents

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