Discussing Business Processes on Management Level


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • List the main business process areas within Bike Company, SE.
  • Identify the key integration points between the process areas.

Business Process Areas

The SAP Implementation Project Starts

In this lesson we will be looking at the business processes of each individual department on a management level. We accompany Ivan, the IT manager, as he interviews the individual department managers to obtain a more detailed view of the business processes of Bike Company. He will take notes during the interviews.

During this lesson, Ivan will interview the line managers. They are:

  • Andy, Accounting
  • Keisha, Controlling
  • Me Yong, Human Resources
  • Penelope, Procurement
  • Paul, Production
  • Symona, Sales
  • Suzanna, Services

Interview with Andy from Accounting

Interview with Keisha from Controlling

Interview with Me Yong from Human Resources

Interview with Penelope from Procurement

Interview with Paul from Production

Interview with Symona from Sales

Interview with Suzanna from Services

Integration Points

Based on the interviews, and the notes, Ivan is generating an overview of the business processes of the Bike Company. ​He breaks down the business processes of each department into single business process steps. ​

Additionally, he highlights the integration points between the departments.​


Save a copy of the image to use for reference later. Click on the image to enlarge it and download it to your device.


Now, we have created an overview of the business processes, including detailed process steps and the integration between the individual departments.​ You will use this process map in the next lesson to map the real world to the SAP solutions. Furthermore, we will refer back to this map in the upcoming units.​

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