Mapping SAP Solutions to the Business Processes of the Bike Company


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Map the SAP solutions to the appropriate departments of the bike company.

SAP Solutions for Bike Company

This lesson is aimed at giving you a basic understanding of the SAP solutions we will be using for our Bike Company.

In earlier lessons we introduced the Heads of Departments and got some key points from them. We will now align our findings with the SAP terminology. During this lesson, we will map the SAP solutions and terminology to the different departments in the Bike Company. This information will be used throughout the entire learning journey as we revisit the business processes in the upcoming units.

Ivan has collected all the necessary information, but he is asking himself how he can transfer that into the language used by IT companies. He’s heard plenty of business details, including the central processes and lots of SAP application names.


You can expand videos to full screen and also display closed captions as needed.

You can click on the figure below to download a copy for your reference:


We have aligned a lot of the terms used in the official world of SAP and mapped them to our Bike Company. You will reuse the official process names in detail throughout the following units. You will also be hearing more about the intelligent suite and some of the additional solutions such as SAP Ariba and SAP SuccessFactors.

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