Meeting the Bike Company


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Describe the set up of Bike Company, SE.

Meet the Bike Company

In this course, we'll help you gain a greater understanding of the end-to-end business processes available through SAP. Going on this journey with you are the executives of Bike Company, SE. You'll learn about SAP technologies through their eyes and situation. Learn more about their company by interacting with the content below.

Sound Familiar?

Many businesses face the same kinds of issues and pressures that Bike Company does. To help explore this in greater detail, you'll go with Ivan, the new head of the IT department, as he meets with other department heads. In the next lesson, you'll have a chance to hear the conversations and compare what you take away from them with what Ivan is learning.

Now that you've understood in more detail what Bike Company is facing, let's see how some of those challenges start to map to SAP technology. Head to the next lesson.

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