Introducing SAP Best Practices


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the required SAP Best Practice scope items

SAP Best Practices

Prior to the Realize phase, Ivan used the Bike Company’s business processes to determine the scope of the SAP solutions. The scenarios available by SAP are based on the SAP Best Practices business processes.

What are SAP Best Practices?

SAP Best Practices provide ready-to-run digitized analytical and operational and integrative business processes (so called scope items) for an enterprise.

Why is the Bike Company using SAP Best Practices in this project?

  • Processes are based on experiences from customer projects
  • Flexible and modular deployment is possible
  • Automated pre-configuration accelerates the implementation

Best Practice Scope Item Content

The scope item itself provides the following information for a specific process:

  • Scope item fact sheets:

    A description of the business process including business benefits and key process steps covered.

  • Process flow:

    A representation of the business process to show how the software works as standard.

  • Process flow (BPMN2):

    A representation of the business process to show how the software works as standard, for displaying and editing in process modeling applications (for example SAP Signavio).

  • Test scripts:

    A procedure for testing the activated system according to the defined business process.

  • Set-up Instructions:

    A guide to the steps required to set up any integrations required for the business process to function correctly. The setup guide must be completed prior to the test script.

SAP Best Practice Explorer

Ivan used the SAP Best Practice Explorer to select the scope items of the required solutions.

Start the video to see how the SAP Best Practice Explorer works:


The SAP Best Practice content will be updated with the latest enhancements and new features.

Identification of SAP Best Practice Scope Items

The relevant SAP Best Practice Scope Items were selected by Ivan during the Explore Phase of the project. The selected scope items for each area were assigned to the business processes of the Bike Company by Ivan. This enables the project team to understand which summarized scope items are used to represent a core process within the Bike Company. The summarized SAP Best Practice Scope Items forms the basis for end-to-end process tests of the project team.

Each process step represents one or more scope items, which Ivan has selected to map the Bike Company’s business processes from Unit 1 (displayed in light green).

The following interaction shows the identified scope items for Financial Accounting of the Bike Company as an example. Select the different process steps listed below, to learn more about the selected scope items. Then select Next, to switch to get an overview of the process steps (without the selected scope items in detail) for Management Accounting.

Why does one process step represent one or more scope items?


The Reporting process step represents more than one scope item because Reporting tasks are included in many of the selected scope items. For clarity, Ivan decided to summarize them in one process step.

SAP Activate

Good to know:

SAP Best Practices are part of SAP Activate.

SAP Activate is the implementation framework for all kind of SAP projects. It simplifies and accelerates new implementation, system conversion or landscape transformation of SAP Solutions.

SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer

In addition to SAP Best Practices, SAP Activate includes a comprehensive methodology road map. This ensures a well-managed and accelerated implementation project as well as continuous optimization of the solution.

This methodology structure is visualized in the SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer.

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