Introducing SAP SuccessFactors solutions


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  • Summarize the key features of each SAP SuccessFactors solution

SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite

In this lesson, we provide an overview of the key features of each of the SAP SuccessFactors solutions as well as explain how the Bike Company will benefit from using these solutions.

SAP SuccessFactors has redefined the best of Human Capital Management (HCM) software to help organizations deliver better business results by putting people at the heart of everything they do, giving them a voice to feel connected, supported, and empowered.

SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite (SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite) offers individualized experiences and strategic solutions that empower employees to reach their potential.

Please select the business process steps in the interaction below, to see the selected scope items for the recruit-to-retire process.

Getting to Know the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

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