Describing SAP Business Network


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What is SAP Business Network?

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SAP Business Network – Where Companies Connect to Get Business Done

Ariba Network is now SAP Business Network. SAP Business Network is where businesses connect, communicate and collaborate to redefine how work gets done. When you plug into SAP Business Network, you get instant access to millions of potential customers, suppliers and solutions - a global network that's growing and expanding every day. You get an easy way to work together with the ecosystem of trading partners and innovators that keep your business moving forward - a single, centralized place to identify opportunities, find innovative solutions, securely share information and close deals.

You get intelligence to guide your decisions every step of the way - detailed insight based on your own data and policies as well as best practice benchmarks from peers across categories. And you get the confidence that you're joining a thriving network you can trust to keep growing, expanding and delivering more intelligence and more innovation. That's why SAP Business Network is a new way of working, connecting the forward thinkers that are shaping the future of business.

To summarize, with SAP Business Network you:

  • Infuse intelligence into each interaction between you and your business partners.
  • Actively work together across every point of the process.
  • Connect to new solutions and innovations.
  • Trust a proven network with the infrastructure to scale, expand and continuously improve.

The Intelligence of SAP Business Network

SAP Business Network is the world’s largest business commerce network, enabling new processes to better manage all spend categories, meet diversity and corporate social responsibility objectives, and free capacity for strategic planning.

It empowers companies to drive business innovation and gain a competitive advantage.

For an overview of Intelligence of SAP Business Network, watch this video.

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