Listing the Benefits of SAP Business Network


After completing this lesson, you will be able to List the benefits of SAP Business Network.

Procurement Business Drivers & Benefits

1. Cost Savings

Find new sources of savings and cost reductions after taking care of the low-hanging fruit opportunities and bringing primary spend categories under control.

2. Risk Mitigation

  • Manage the inherent yet, often hidden risks that exist in your supply chain and with your suppliers’ suppliers.
  • Anticipate and avoid any service or production disruptions.

3. Compliance

Find new ways to connect your organization and all of your users with approved suppliers with negotiated and contracted prices.

For an overview of Procurement Persona, watch this video.

Supplier Business Drivers & Benefits

1. Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

  • Keep your customers happy and engaged as how you work with them evolves and changes.
  • Constantly exceed your customers’ expectations in order to retain and expand your share of wallet in a cluttered and competitive category and close deals faster.
  • Find new customers and sources of revenue to drive continued, sustained growth.

2. Speed and Accuracy of Payments

  • Eliminate manual steps, data entry mistakes, etc. that delay payments or cause payment errors.
  • Reduce time you spend going back and forth with customers to deal with payment exceptions.
  • Get an accurate, up-to-date view of invoice status and payment dates to effectively manage accounts receivables and cashflow.

3. Reduce Costs and Increase Margins

  • Reduce the cost of selling and marketing your products and programs, so profitability grows along with revenue.
  • Take advantage of catalogs and other electronic integration with customers to eliminate costly paper processes while getting better visibility into customer needs to more effectively manage inventory.

For an overview of Supplier Persona, watch this video.

Supply Chain Business Drivers & Benefits

1. Accelerate Time to Market

Engage sourcing in new product development processes to increase the speed of product launches and gain early visibility and influence into production costs.

2. Improve Customer Service

Synchronize planning and execution processes across the extended supply chain, so you can deliver on-time, in-full for your customers.

3. Improve Visibility Across the Supply Chain

Provide early visibility into demand and quality requirements to suppliers in a more comprehensive and cost-effective way than EDI and supplier portals can provide.

For an overview of Supply Chain Persona, watch this video.

IT Business Drivers & Benefits

1. Drive Innovation

Equip teams across your organization with the latest tools and technology to help them get better work done faster.

2. Simplify Administration

Minimize the number of systems and vendors you manage and the time it takes to manage the integration between them.

3. Ensure Security and Privacy

Protect your company’s and your suppliers’ data and privacy to the highest industry standards.

For an overview of IT Persona, watch this video.

Partner Business Drivers & Benefits

1. Access Efficient Sources of Sales

Tap into existing sources of demand that require minimal marketing and sales support for products you have in place.

2. Create Turnkey Integrations

Simplify technology integrations to reduce the time and cost for both you and your customers.

3. Align with Market Leaders

Increase your brand’s credibility and footprint by partnering with category leaders.

For an overview of Partner Persona, watch this video.

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