Explaining the Supplier User Interface


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The Supplier User Interface

This lesson introduces the user interface of a supplier who is registered on SAP Business Network and connected with a buyer.

Who are Suppliers?

A supplier is an organization that sells any type of product or service.

Suppliers can have more than one account on supplier.ariba.com, each one possibly connecting to different buying organizations.

Suppliers use SAP Business Network to:

  • Access a network of high-volume buying organizations.
  • Connect with specific buying organizations that are interested in the supplier’s products or services.
  • Publish catalogs containing information and pricing that is customized for specific customers.
  • Categorize products and services so that customers can find them when searching by category.
  • Select a routing method for the documents that best fit the supplier’s business needs—suppliers can receive documents through email, fax, online, cXML, or EDI SAP Business Network documents from their online outbox or through cXML or EDI.
  • Conduct transactions electronically by sending purchase order confirmations, invoices, and other documents. SAP Business Network provides fast transmission, tracking, and processing of transactions.

Company Information and Catalogs

When suppliers set up their SAP Business Network account, they provide extensive information about their company - from the company address to the specific business policies.

To communicate product and service offerings to buying organizations, suppliers can store catalogs on SAP Business Network using one of several different formats. Alternatively, suppliers can specify a link that enables customers to punch out from their procurement systems to their website and shop for products and services there.

SAP Business Network for Account Overview

The following video will provide a walk through for the basics of how to set up your SAP Business Network account and begin transacting.

This includes how to navigate through SAP Business Network as a supplier and administrator basics.

To learn about Account Overview for Suppliers, watch this video.

Supplier Home Page

When you log into an enterprise supplier account, you arrive on the Home page by default. If the user is an account administrator, they'll be able to see all sections by default. Note that some sections are permission-controlled for sub-users. Account administrators must grant sub-users access via their user profiles.

Select the plus (+) icons below to learn more.

Orders Tab

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Invoices Tab

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Catalogs Tab

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Enablement Tab

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Reports Tab

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Additional Features

These additional features are accessible through the Supplier home page.

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Help Center

Overview of the Help Center

What is the Help Center?

Our help center is available to improve how buyers and suppliers get help and offers the ability to collaborate with other help center users. These users include other buyers, suppliers and SAP Ariba employees.

You view the help center through an in-product panel, which also gives you the option to open the help center in a new browser window or tab. The help center panel lets you browse help content that is most relevant to the tasks you're doing on the right side of each page in your account. You can find out how to resolve an issue or complete an action without leaving the page.

The help center continues to offer direct access to product documentation and SAP Ariba Customer Support, in addition to providing new ways to interact with other users.

For an overview of SAP Business Network Help Center, watch this video.

Supplier Portal and Workbench

Orders and Invoices in the Portal

Watch a video on how suppliers can find their orders and invoices via search, new menu options, and the tile overview bar.

As the supplier portal gets updated with improved features to enhance your user experience, we'll keep you in the loop on how to navigate through the familiar functions.

In this video, we'll go over how you can reach your orders and invoices.

Personalize Your Workbench in the Supplier Portal

Watch a video on how to personalize the supplier workbench.

This video introduces the customizable features in SAP Business Network Supplier Portal and Workbench. Learn how to use custom filters and more.

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