Describing SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals


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Goal Management

Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goal

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SAP SuccessFactors Goal Management enables employees and managers to align individual goals with company business objectives. It helps organizations ensure that all employees are aligned and work on essential things that matter most.

The Goal Plan

The Goal Plan

A Goal Plan is an online worksheet where users (such as an employee and a manager) create, update, and align performance goals in one central place and track goal progress throughout the year. Categories can be used to organize performance goals in goal plans.

Features of Goal Management

  • Goal Library is a list of goals that the user can select and add to their Goal Plan or the Goal Plans of their direct reports, depending on their permissions and your company's business processes. The goals are editable when you add them to a plan and provides a starting point for goal setting. Standard Goal Libraries are provided; however, you can choose to create custom libraries to meet the organization’s needs.
  • Team Goals: allows managers to create, update, and assign goals for their team members, without having to include the goals in their own Goal Plan. It effectively allows the manager to manage and monitor the goals they set for their team, without having to achieve the goals directly.
  • Goal Alignment: can be achieved by cascading and linking goals. Goal alignment allows employees to feel more tied to the organization’s goals and managers to monitor and track company-wide progress. Cascading a goal allows users to cascade a personal performance goal from their own goal plan to another user’s goal plan. This way goal creation and alignment can be achieved at the same time. Linking goals is the ability to tie together two existing goals that are related or interdependent between individuals.

Performance Management

SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management is part of the SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals bundle of applications. Using Performance Management, employees and managers work together to assess employees' work performance, including their goal achievements and competencies.

Performance Form

The Performance Form is an online form used to review the employee’s performance. Employees and managers use the form to provide ratings and comments on goals and competencies. The Performance Form is organized in sections that are either informational or require actions such as ratings and comments. Additionally, it contains a route map which is the workflow the form follows from creation until completion. Performance Forms are accessible by selecting the main navigation drop-down list and then selecting the Performance tab.

The main elements of a Performance Form include the following:

  • Route Map: Route maps establish the steps and roles that are involved in a performance review. The route map displays at the top of the performance form giving a clear indication of where the form is currently and which steps follow. When the form is routed to a step, the user can go to HomePerformanceInbox to open the form.

  • Rating Scale: Rating scales allow the reviewer to assign a score to the employee as a measure of performance. Goal ratings, competency ratings and overall ratings can be provided in a performance form.

  • Goal Section: Goal sections display the goals created and tracked on the employee’s goal plan.

  • Competency Section: Competency sections display the competencies that are associated with the employee’s role and can also display the core competencies of the organization. The writing assistant tool is available per competency to effectively help the user with providing feedback.

  • Summary Section: The summary section lists the ratings of each goal and competency as well as the overall form rating.

Team Overview

Team Overview is a tool that enables managers to get a one-page list of their direct reports and evaluate their performance depending on the status of a performance form. From the Team Overview, managers can Ask for Feedback on their direct reports from internal or external users.

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