Reviewing the Recruiter Experience in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Initiate and complete the hiring process with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

The Hiring Process

The SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution is comprised of tools that help recruiting users complete the steps of the hiring process from the creation of the job requisition to sourcing, screening, and selecting a candidate for hire.

High-Level Recruiting Process

The recruiter’s job starts with creating a job requisition and ends when a successful candidate has been offered the job. Learn the high-level process of recruitment.

  1. What role needs to be filled?

    The creation of the Job Requisition begins the recruiting process. During this time, the Job Requisition form is used to capture all necessary information related to the job, including:

    • Job Title
    • Job Description
    • Location
    • Hiring Manager
    • Compensation Data
    • Other required details used for the job posting

    Using the Route Map, the Job Requisition is sent for approval before it can be posted and advertised through various channels.

    Play this video to see how to create a Job Requisition.

    Generative AI can help recruiters create more inclusive, high-quality job descriptions that more accurately reflect their hiring needs. By using the generative AI functionality for job descriptions, recruiters can be provided with industry-specific keywords and phrases, which will help improve the visibility of their requisitions when advertising their job postings.

    Watch the video to learn how Generative AI can be used for job descriptions.

  2. Where will the job be posted and advertised?

    After the Job Requisition is approved, the recruiter can choose how to advertise the position.

    • It can be posted to both internal and external career sites, recruiting agencies, and various job boards using Recruiting Posting.
    • Private postings allow confidential positions to be sent discreetly to candidates without a public posting.
  3. How will candidate data be collected?

    Using a combination of the Candidate Profile, application and prescreening questions, candidate data can be strategically collected to help with the sourcing, screening, and selection process.

    • The Candidate Profile is used to create a candidate’s account, allowing their basic information to be stored. Resume parsing and LinkedIn integrations allow quicker completion of the Candidate Profile. Candidate Profile information is available for recruiters to search in the candidate database.
    • The Application collects the data necessary to screen candidates. The application may include qualification questions related to the position, diversity questions necessary for local compliance, and data for reporting.
    • Prescreening questions are role-specific qualification questions that can be used as disqualifies (if a candidate answers incorrectly, they are automatically disqualified) or to give an application an overall score or grade.
  4. What happens after the candidate applies to the job?

    Once a candidate applies, recruiters can manage applications using the Talent Pipeline in the Candidate Workbench.

    The Talent Pipeline is configured to reflect the recruiting organization’s hiring process (ex: how many interviews should be conducted? Is there a background check process?) As a candidate progresses through the recruiting process, the recruiters can move the candidates through the Talent Pipeline accordingly.

    Play the video to see how the recruiting system is used for interview scheduling.

    To aid with more complex processes, application features such as interview scheduling, interview assessments, background check & assessment integrations, are available to ensure the appropriate screening data is collected and documented on the candidate’s application.

    Watch the video to learn about the Microsoft Teams integration where interviewers can generate questions using Generative AI.

  5. What is the job offer process?

    Once a candidate is selected for hire, recruiters can trigger the offer process by using the Offer Details to capture all job offers and compensation details.

    Once the job offer has been approved, an Offer Letter can be created and sent to the candidate via the following channels:

    • Verbally
    • Email, either as text or as a PDF attachment
    • Online through the career site, with or without an electronic signature required from candidates

    Play the video to see how an offer is generated in the recruiting system.

Use Recruiting Tools

Business Example

In this exercise, you will use SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting tools to add and move a candidate to the interview step of the Talent Pipeline.


  1. Log in to the SAP SuccessFactors instance.

  2. Proxy as Lorna Okamoto.

  3. From the Home Page, use the navigation menu to navigate to Recruiting.

  4. Go to Job Requisitions tab.

  5. Select Sales Manager. This opens the job requisition. Do NOT make any changes.

  6. Navigate to the Candidates tab.

  7. Select Add CandidateAdd a Single Candidate.

  8. Enter details for your candidate. Select Create Profile.

  9. In the new window, select Cancel when asked to upload a resume.

  10. Fill in the required/mandatory fields (noted with an asterisk).

  11. Select Save and then close the window.

  12. Still in the candidate’s tab, use search by name to look for your candidate’s name.

  13. Open the profile and select Forward to Requisitions.

  14. In the Forward Requisitions window, select Search.

  15. Select 1–New Application from the search results window.

  16. Select Sales Manager.

  17. Select Forward to Selected.

  18. Select Close.

  19. Navigate to the Job Requisitions tab.

  20. In the Sales Manager requisition, go to the Candidates column and click the number that appears in that column.

  21. Go to the New Application step in the Talent Pipeline.

  22. Select your candidate from the list.

  23. Set the Status to InterviewTo be scheduled.

  24. Select Save.

  25. Check to see if your candidate is now in the interview step of the Talent Pipeline.

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