Introducing the Product Content Management


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Discover how Product Content Management directs the organization of the products database.

Product Content Management

Welcome to this lesson on product content management (PCM). Let's watch the following video first to get an overview of PCM in SAP Commerce Cloud.

Products in SAP Commerce are organized in a hierarchical catalog structure. By default, the product catalog is divided into two versions:

  • The online catalog that is viewable by customers.
  • The staging catalog that is editable by internal business users.

A synchronization process allows business users to copy entities from the staging to the online catalog version.

Learn more about catalog versions and the synchronization process in the following video.

As shown, individual products, whole categories, or the entire staging catalog version can be synchronized with the online catalog version.

Here is a demonstration of how to use the Backoffice Product Cockpit to synchronize items in the Staging catalog version.

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