Getting Familiar with SAP Sales Cloud Version 2


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  • Identify the key capabilities of SAP Sales Cloud Version 2.
  • Explain the difference between Version 2 and SAP Sales Cloud..

SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 Benefits and Key Capabilities

Introducing SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 is a combination of a Salesforce Automation application combined with an enhanced retail execution application in one single stack.  SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 covers several new features and capabilities.


In terms of productivity the solution offers:

  • Server-side integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail
  • Meeting Insights
  • Enhanced Task Manager
  • User Calendar with color coding
  • Manage content with library
  • Workflows

Intelligent Insights

Intelligent Insights are available as part of:

  • ML-based lead/deal intelligence
  • Relationship Intelligent Insights
  • Customer Insights / KPIs
  • Embedded SAP Analytics (SAC) for reporting/ dashboards
  • Home page KPIs

Modern User Experience

SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 offers a modern new user experience with:

  • Optimized workspaces
  • Cloud-native technologies
  • Elastic based global search
  • Microservices-based based architecture
  • Top of the line cloud qualities

New Digital Sales Engagement Platform

For sales managers and sales representatives looking for a digital sales engagement platform Version 2 offers:

  • Inside Selling Representatives (ISR)
  • Sales Development Representative (SDR)
  • Distributor Sales Representative (DSR)
  • Virtual meetings with Microsoft Teams
  • Manage call lists and call scripts
  • Nurture leads and complete sales activities
  • Plan Sales Campaigns with target groups
  • Outbound calling via Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) / Microsoft Teams
  • E-mail templates for outbound emails

Forecasting and Pipeline Management

With Version 2, sales managers can keep an eye on forecasting and pipelines by using:

  • Forecast Tracker with what-if simulation
  • Pipeline Manager
  • Pipeline Flow

Guided Selling Processes

Sales managers can also implement guided selling processes for improving the sales efficiency of sales representatives by using:

  • Optimized workspaces for lead-to-opportunity-to-quote processes
  • Contextual guidance for lead nurturing and opportunity progression based on dynamic playbooks and intelligent signals
  • Dynamically configurable playbook for defining next actions
  • Embedded insights – deal intelligence, engagement insights, relationship strength
  • Engagement based next action recommendation
  • Historical Timeline of Events
  • Kanban view with analytics filters and drag-and-drop of opportunities
  • Preview and generate quotes
  • Manage complex Pricing

Native Mobile Experience

For field agents, Version 2 supports a native mobile experience with:

  • Native mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Native functions with widgets, push notifications, call logging
  • Mobile extensions with fields, mash-ups


Version 2 can be integrated based on:

  • Application Programming Interface (API) based development principles enable better integration with external applications
  • Pre-built master data integration with SAP S/4HANA
  • Mashup-based UI Integration


Version 2 supports in-app and side-by-side extensions with the following principles:

  • In-app admin extensions – fields, layouts, and mash-ups
  • Low-Code-No-Code (LCNC) extensions with SAP Build (also known as AppGyver)
  • Complex extensions with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) or side-by-side extensions


Sales Cloud Version 2 also offers ways of collaboration by sharing workspaces with Microsoft Teams.


Differences between Version 2 and SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud's new release revolutionizes selling by focusing on connected, intelligent, digital-first sales experiences that better unite buyer and seller to improve outcomes.

Intelligent selling made simple

Sellers must be: 

  • armed with the right set of tools and technologies to quickly overcome obstacles.
  • ready to easily engage with buyers.

And be prepared to:

  • Dynamically navigate selling journeys
  • Focus efforts on the right sub-sets of opportunities
    • high-value
    • high-win-chance
    • strategic

SAP Sales Cloud's innovation platform helps businesses:

  • future proof their sales operations at any scale
  • gain the ability to reinvent how they engage with their customers, gaining greater resiliency, agility, and profitability. 

Digital First

Businesses will gain agility to react quickly across digital channels with a clear understanding of, account history, engagement timeline, critical KPIs, and relationship intelligence.

Guided Selling

Empowering sellers with prescriptive step-based selling workflows that reinforce positive behavior with intelligent recommendations, real-time data, and gamification.

Peak Performance

Prioritizing deals that most likely to convert and drive performance through digital campaigns with full insights on every seller's actions and progress.

Sales has evolved beyond a one step process to a dynamic process

Getting Familiar with SAP Sales Cloud Version 2

Review the SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 key capabilities and major differences with this video.

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