Scripting Advanced Stories


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create an advanced story using scripting

Advanced Scripted Stories

While you can use SAP Analytics Cloud story design capabilities for the majority of your reporting, dashboard, and planning needs, you may need to work with developers in your IT organization to create more custom stories.

Stories can incorporate scripting so that developers can create a highly customized and interactive experience for story viewers. However, a story can also be scripted to have even less functionality than a standard SAP Analytics Cloud story, for example, removing all context menu options.

The broad range of customization options (from very static to highly interactive) possible through scripting options when editing a story.

Scripting Capabilities

The scripting language used for stories is a subset of JavaScript. The JavaScript Script Editor in the scripting environment is similar to other SAP editors. You can use Ctrl+Space to access available functions and data to speed up your script writing. In addition, the editor provides auto-complete and syntax check as you write.

Sample javascript code within the story scripting engine

Enhance a Story with Scripting

The following demonstration video will show you how you can use scripting to enhance your stories.

Extension Capabilities

Story design options are not limited to the defined set within the story builder. You can ask developers to create custom widgets and R widgets to add even more visualization options to your stories.

Examples of custom and R widgets

Additional Information

Creating extended stories is covered in more detail in the Acquiring Basic Scripting Skills to Extend Stories in SAP Analytics Cloud learning journey.

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