Accessing Course Simulations


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Access All Simulations in this Course.

Reference to all simulations used in this e-learning

This course includes several simulations that enable you to experience the look and feel of the solution and explore the supported business processes.


The simulations are distributed throughout the course and you will be prompted to access them at the most appropriate points. Links to all the simulations that appear in this course are grouped in this lesson. It is not intended that you navigate through all simulations at this point of the training. They are provided here for your convenience, to make it easy to access the simulations if you wish to repeat any of them after completing the course.

The course includes simulations designed to be completed as exercises in Practice Mode. In this mode, learners are encouraged to perform each simulation step manually. However, they also have the option to advance to the next step using the menu bar if they prefer.

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