Considering Key Factors for Enablement Success


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key factors for enablement success

Key Factors for Enablement Success

Learning is often the last thing the project team focuses on, because they think that learning happens immediately before go-live. If people don't learn near to go-live, people will forget what they learned. This thinking is no longer current, especially in a world with cloud computing.

Cloud solutions provide the benefit of in-built best practice processes. This helps companies simplify and automate their business. They must be more flexible in adapting current business processes to the new SAP standard processes.

Enablement is about ensuring people can do their jobs to the best of their ability. People must build new skills to work effectively with a new system.

In the following video, you learn about the most common ways businesses fail or succeed in their enablement journey:

Finally, to implement a new solution or upgrade an existing solution, it's important to fully understand your business's motivation. People must go on this journey as part of the learning process.

It's important that, where appropriate, you include business objectives in the enablement strategy and individual’s learning journeys. Learners then understand the "why" and the "how". When people are given greater transparency about why business decisions are made, this transparency usually improves their learning experience.

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