Using an Integrated Enablement Approach


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of a learning methodology within a holistic SAP implementation
  • Outline the recommended enablement activities within SAP implementation projects

Introduction to SAP Learning Services' Learning and Enablement Approach

If you're responsible for learning and enablement activities in your organization and want insights into planning and executing SAP learning and enablement projects, then this learning journey is for you.

Some roles are typical in an SAP enablement project. In this learning journey, we focus on one such role, which belongs to Grace, our enablement lead persona. We call this role enablement lead. Other names for this role are training manager, training lead, enablement project manager, or change and learning lead.

Roles of an SAP Learning and Enablement Project

As the enablement lead, Grace must know the tasks of the following individuals: Arun, the SAP enablement content developer; Tia, the trainer; Idris, the subject matter expert; and Kenneth, the enablement administrator. She also collaborates with Lian, the change lead. In the unit, Setting up an SAP Enablement Project Team, we describe in detail the enablement-project team members' tasks and responsibilities.

To understand why SAP learning and enablement are important for successful SAP implementation projects, play the following video.

To summarize the video:

  • Enablement covers all activities that help people learn and adopt new SAP systems and processes into their working life.
  • In this learning journey, we explore many interdependencies between enablement activities.
  • Remember that enablement must support continuous transformation, especially in today’s cloud world.

Now, It´s Your Turn!

What is your personal goal and motivation to continue with this learning journey? Take 20 minutes to specify what you want to achieve and how. The following template can help you structure this activity.

Learning Within an SAP Implementation Project

Various critical enablement activities must happen in an SAP implementation project.

Let’s examine the enablement planning and execution activities in more detail.

The SAP Learning Services' learning methodology outlines the activities that happen in enablement planning and enablement execution. The following figure is a summary of what you learned in the video.

Enablement planning has the following components:

  • Enablement strategy
  • Learning needs analysis for the project team
  • Learning needs analysis for users

Enablement execution has the following components:

  • Enablement project management
  • Enablement content development
  • Enablement delivery

We also have organizational change management in both planning and execution.

Later in this learning journey, you learn more about the integration points between enablement and organizational change management.

For further information on organizational change management, check out our free learning journey Discover Organizational Change Management for SAP Cloud Projects at:

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