Creating your Learning Transfer Plan


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Summarize your learnings and define next steps to transfer them to your job

Summary and Learning Transfer

Take some time to recap the key learning points in this learning journey.

  • Several integrated enablement activities happen in a project environment and beyond into normal business operations.
  • Don't carry out enablement activities in isolation. Pay attention to the enablement team's dependencies on other project and business activities.
  • A clear enablement strategy is your foundation and guides you through every enablement activity. Ensure you carefully document all elements thoroughly and communicate them to your key stakeholders. Strive to keep your strategy live and up to date.
  • To make efficient design decisions, carefully analyze your project team's needs in the prepare phase. Arrange appropriate and timely project team enablement.
  • The learning needs analysis for users is the basis of successful content development and delivery.
  • Ensure that content development follows a clearly defined design, creation, review, and sign-off process. Base it on a well-tested system, with strong collaboration with subject matter experts. Effective content is continuously updated and aligned to innovation cycles and upgrades.
  • To reach the most learners and embrace learning in the flow of work, always take a blended learning approach to enablement delivery.
  • Enablement isn’t a project-centred activity. Think in terms of long term and sustainability.

Now, It´s Over To You!

Spend the last 30 minutes of this learning journey creating a high level learning transfer action plan. Schedule a time in your diary to review the action plan. We recommend you schedule it for two weeks from now. The following template can help you structure this activity.

You’ve now reached the end of the learning journey, Getting Started with Learning and Enablement in SAP Projects. We hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot along the way.

SAP has a team of highly experienced consultants to support you with your enablement activities. For further information, refer to the SAP Learning Services at:

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