Identifying Interdependencies of Enablement and Implementation Project Activities


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Outline the integration points and interdependencies of enablement and implementation project activities.

Dependencies for Enablement Activities Within the Overall Project Plan

Dependencies exist in every project. Tasks must execute in a specific order, resources must be efficiently allocated, interconnected processes need coordination, and risks must be mitigated through careful sequencing and prioritization.

As a result, understanding and managing dependencies is essential for project success.

To explore key dependencies in the project and their impact on enablement activities, play the following video.

Now, It´s Your Turn!

Take a few minutes time to think about what you learned about possible dependencies in a project that can affect your enablement plan.

  • From your point of view, which dependencies are most relevant for enablement?
  • In your project team, to discover dependencies that can arise, who must you align with?
  • To resolve the identified dependencies, what measures can you define?

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