Integrating Enablement in SAP Activate Phases


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Plan key enablement activities within an implementation project following the SAP Activate methodology..

Key Enablement Activities Within Each SAP Activate Phase

The SAP Activate Methodology

The SAP Activate methodology gives a structure that outlines project phases, tasks, and deliverables. They vary based on the solution that you implement. For example, we use an SAP S/4HANA SAP Activate implementation methodology: tasks and deliverables can vary based on the SAP solution you implement.

Refer to SAP Activate's roadmap viewer on SAP support at:

The roadmap viewer is the central tool for guiding you through specific instructions and supporting accelerators. It helps you execute tasks and deliverables throughout each implementation phase and after go-live. To give current and accurate information, content continuously updates.


For more detailed information, refer to our free learning journey on SAP Activate at: You can also join a training course about SAP Activate methodology at:

The SAP Activate methodology has predefined project phases. These phases include activities (or deliverables) and tasks for building and running your SAP solution. Each phase includes a list of acceptance criteria that must be met before the project can move to the next phase.

For a list of all enablement activities, in the SAP Activate roadmaps, go to Solution Adoption.

To learn more about enablement activities of each SAP Activate phase, play the following video.

Now, It´s Your Turn!

You learned about the activities in the different SAP Activate phases. Think about how you can apply them in your own projects.

  • From your point of view, what project phase is most relevant for enablement?

  • In your specific project context, what opportunities and challenges do you see?

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