Making Enablement Sustainable


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify methods to make enablement sustainable

Sustainable Enablement

Enablement is as much about the people in your organization as it is about the technology. For people to work efficiently and effectively, the enablement team’s aim is for people to adopt new SAP systems and processes. Building literacy skills and keeping that literacy is critical.

Too often, investment in people falls behind an organization’s investment in technology. This lack of investment blocks successful digital transformations. Enablement's success depends on enablement being sustainable.

To learn about enablement sustainability, play the following video. It includes some recommendations on how to solve typical challenges.

As you learn in the video, say that the enablement team has clear accountability for enablement, holistically works closely together, and stays attuned to learner needs. Then, the enablement team can ensure that learners’ skills and knowledge keep up to date. Enablement stays effective and achieves sustainability.

Remember the following points:

  • Think of a long-term strategy for enablement.
  • Obtain a senior sponsor for enablement in the organization (outside of the project).
  • Invest in digital learning technologies.
  • Maintain a clear content update plan.
  • Align enablement to an organization-level approach with centrally owned technologies.
  • Where possible, invest in a designated design authority that sits above projects.

Play the next video for an outline on some specific hints and tips around enablement sustainability.

Pause and reflect on what you learned so far.

Now, It´s Your Turn!

Think about your sustainability to-do list:

  • How do you ensure that your organization's learners are confident, informed, and productive?

  • To make things even better in the future, what can you plan to do now?

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