Managing an Enablement Project


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain what you must do to manage and organize enablement projects

Project Management of Enablement

To successfully implement SAP solutions, you, as an enablement lead, are responsible for ensuring that the enablement program is effectively designed and delivered. You oversee and are responsible for all enablement activities.

Your focus is on the typical project management goals, that is, to be on time, to be on budget, and ensure quality with all your enablement activities:

  • On time: Create a detailed project plan with defined activities and responsibilities (see next unit for further details) with clear milestones and deadlines to work toward.
  • On budget: Set up, manage, and coordinate the enablement team within the assigned budget.
  • Ensure quality: Define quality standards, manage potential risks and issues, and create mitigation plans.

As an enablement lead, you're accountable and have the following responsibilities:

  1. Project scope and plan:

    Determine the scope of the project and develop a project plan. This plan outlines the tasks, timelines, and resources needed for the project. You're also responsible for regular status reporting against the plan.

  2. Acceptance:

    Analyze the target audience. Identify all learners affected by the enablement project. Understand their learning needs and preferences as part of the learning needs analysis (LNA). Importantly, liaise with all stakeholders to ensure everyone is clear on what enablement activities must happen and when they must happen. Later, we cover the stakeholders you must work with in more detail.

    Ensure that all enablement content and delivery methods follow a clear quality assurance framework, where key subject matter experts review and approve the work of the enablement team. To ensure all enablement activities meet the defined quality standards, you must track and manage the quality assurance process.

  3. Deliverables:

    Coordinate the enablement activities. Design the end-to-end process for enablement and, to fulfill all process steps, allocate enough resources (the section on enablement strategy gives further details).

    Coordinate enablement content development and delivery. Make sure that all developers and trainers deliver quality output as defined in the LNA.

  4. Resources:

    Manage the enablement project team effectively to deliver all enablement activities within budget. Manage resources on a day-to-day basis and ensure that any risks and issues are mitigated. Secure a sufficient budget for your resources and track that they're working efficiently to milestones and deadlines on the plan. To secure the right budget, raise any issues about insufficient resource numbers early in the project.

  5. Monitoring and adoption:

    To aim for continuous improvement, evaluate the learning success and user adoption. Measure the effectiveness of the learning program and implement improvements based on feedback from your learners and stakeholders.

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