Accessing All SAP Enable Now Simulations


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Access all simulations in this course

Reference to All Simulations Used in This Course


For your reference, in this lesson you can find a list of all simulations presented in this course for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, service. By going through these simulations, you are able to experience the look-and-feel of the system and explore the supported business processes.

The simulations serve as an entry point for exercises in an actual SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition system, that is also available through SAP Learning System Access.

The exercises are clustered around different topics like the type of service process they deal with or whether they are covering scope items that support the main types of service processes. There is no need to execute all exercises or to check all simulations in a particular order. For some exercises however, it does make sense to execute them in a particular order. That is what the figure Overview of the exercises for the course S4C25 tries to illustrate. For example: in order to test scope item Credit Memo Processing for service Management (4GG), it makes sense if you have executed the basic service process before, as tested in the exercises for scope item Service Order Management and Monitoring (3D2).

Please be advised, that the label Exercise is used across all embedded simulations. This is done because the simulations are provided to you in Practice mode. This tries to simulate a hands-on exercise learning experience, without actually having to work in a live system. Again: if you want to experience the actual system itself, you have to use SAP Learning System Access.

It is not intended, that you navigate through all simulations right now in your training. The individual simulations are referenced again in those lessons in this training, where they fit best. This is only a reference, in case you want to go back to any simulation. This lesson can be used as you central point of entry.

Link to all Available SAP Enable Now Simulations (Grouped per Solution Process)

Please use the following link to access the available SAP Enable Now simulations (practice mode) available for this course:

For scope item Subscription Management with Sales Billing (57Z), an SAP Enable Now simulation (practice mode) is available in a slightly older release of the system. You can access it here:

For scope item Credit Memo Processing for Service Management (4GG), two more SAP Enable Now simulations (practice mode) are also available in a slightly older release of the system. One of them shows how to set up the system for this scope item, the other shows the process itself that this scope item supports. You can access the mentioned simulations here:

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