Introducing the In-House Repair Solution Process


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Explain the in-house repair process and the business roles involved.

An Introduction to In-House Repair (3XK)

In-House Repair (3XK)

The in-house repair process provides core functionality for repair and maintenance tasks such as pre-checking, (chargeable) diagnoses process steps, planning, repairing, and triggering billing for the repaired objects.

A customer service representative for in-house repairs enters a repair object in the system. For this repair object, a returns order can be entered by a returns and refund clerk, once a customer decides to return the object.

After the physical goods receipt has been posted (by a shipping specialist) and the returned object has been inspected (by a receiving specialist), an initial check can be executed by the customer service representative for in-house repairs.

If needed, a diagnosis can be planned (by a customer service manager for in-house repairs) and run (by a customer service technician for in-house repairs).

If no diagnosis is needed, one outcome could be to simply return the repair object to the customer (e.g. if it is not broken or malfunctioning).

The results of running such a diagnosis could be that actual repair activities need to be planned (by a customer service manager for in-house repairs) and executed (by a customer service technician for in-house repairs), for which the customer is then billed. Before preparing and later executing the billing of the customer for the repair work, it is also possible to first issue a repair quotation to the customer. If the customer rejects the repair quotation, the repair object is simply returned. If the customer accepts the repair quotation, the repair work is planned and executed and then later billed based on the repair quotation.


  1. Log on to SAP for ME if needed.
  2. Navigate to the list of solution processes on the SAP Signavio Process Navigator website. Use URL and choose Solution Process. You can now see a list of all available solution processes.
  3. Using the Search in SAP Signavio Process Navigator field (in the top right corner of your screen), search for solution process 3XK.
  4. In the resulting list, select the entry for the current (i.e. the most recent) version of the solution process for solution scenario Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. You can now see the details for the solution process.
  5. Choose Accelerators.
  6. Choose Test Script to download the test script as a Microsoft Word file, and open this file.
  7. If available, choose Set-up instructions to open the set-up instructions for the solution process.

Business Roles for In-House Repair (3XK)

Business Roles for In-House Repair (3XK)

The business roles for the solution process In-House Repair (3XK) include 3 unique roles related to the specific process steps involved in planning and carrying out in-house repairs as well as a number of roles related to logistics and finance. These roles can be used as they are delivered by SAP or they can be used as a template to create your own business roles for your business users working with scope item In-House Repair (3XK).

The information here is based on the test script for scope item In-House Repair (3XK), which can be downloaded using the SAP Signavio Process Navigator via

Business roleBusiness role ID as delivered by SAPComment
Customer Service Representative - In-House RepairSAP_BR_CUST_SRVC_REP_REPAEnters in-house repairs, assigns repair objects and performs prechecks

Creates billing document requests

Customer Service Manager - In-House RepairSAP_BR_CUST_SRVC_MGR_REPAPlans and works with repair orders
Service Technician - In-House RepairSAP_BR_CUST_SRVC_TEC_REPAPerforms repairs

Additional Business Roles Required for Testing/Executing 3XK

Business roleBusiness role ID as delivered by SAPComment
Warehouse ClerkSAP_BR_WAREHOUSER_CLERKExecutes goods receipt and goods issue postings
Inventory ManagerSAP_BR_INVENTORY_MANAGERManages stock quantities
PurchaserSAP_BR_PURCHASERProcures needed components
Purchasing ManagerSAP_BR_PURCHASING_MANAGERApproves procurement proposals
Billing ClerkSAP_BR_BILLING_CLERKCreates billing documents
Accounts Receivable AccountantSAP_BR_AR_ACCOUNTANTProcesses accounts receivable items
Maintenance PlannerSAP_BR_MAINTENANCE_PLANNERManages technical objects (equipments)
Configuration Expert - Business Process ConfigurationSAP_BR_BPC_EXPERTManages the solution, adapts and optimizes the business processes in the system

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