Introducing the Service Quotation Solution Process

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain service quotations and the business roles involved

Overview of Solution Process Service Quotation (4GA)


  1. Navigate to the list of solution processes on the SAP Signavio Process Navigator website. Use URL and choose Solution Process. You can now see a list of all available solution processes.

    Log on to SAP for ME if needed.
  2. Using the Search in SAP Signavio Process Navigator field (in the top right corner of your screen), search for solution process 4GA.
  3. In the resulting list, select the entry for the current (i.e. the most recent) version of the solution process for solution scenario Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. You can now see the details for the solution process.
  4. Choose Accelerators.
  5. Choose Test Script to download the test script as a Microsoft Word file, and open this file.
  6. If available, choose Set-up instructions to open the set-up instructions for the solution process.

Overview of Service Quotation (4GA) Processing

The Service Quotation (4GA) scope item covers the service quotation process in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, service. A service quotation is a legally binding offer with fixed conditions made to a customer for the performance of certain services. It helps a customer service manager to provide cost estimates to a customer before that customer places a service order. Time and Material (T&M) and Fixed Price-based cost estimates are supported with automatic creation of service orders once the service quotation is accepted by the customer.

Key Process Flow

  1. Create/change service quotation
  2. Send service quotation to customer
  3. Review service quotation (change/update)
  4. Accept service quotation
  5. Trigger service order (automatically)
  6. Reject service quotation

Business Benefits

  • Provide capability to share cost estimates for the services requested by the customer (both Time and Material and Fixed Price)
  • Provide capability to negotiate, accept, or reject the quotation (including partial acceptance)
  • Support repricing of the quotation after expiry of the validity period
  • Provide options to the customer to either print or generate the quotation as a PDF and attach it to an email, through output control settings
  • Support automatic creation of a service order based on service quotation acceptance

Business Roles for Service Quotation (4GA)

Business Roles for Service Quotation (4GA)

The only business role that is used in solution process Service Quotation (4GA), is the Customer Service Manager role:

Business roleBusiness role ID as delivered by SAP
Customer Service ManagerSAP_BR_CUSTOMER_SRVC_MGR

This information is based on the test script for scope item Service Quotation (4GA), which can be found on and downloaded using the SAP Signavio Process Navigator. Use URL and choose Solution Process. You can now see a list of all available solution processes.

This business role can be used as a template to create your own business role for your business users working with scope item Service Quotation (4GA).

A customer service manager creates service quotations (using the SAP Fiori app Manage Service Quotations - Overview), sends them to the customer(s), changes/updates them if needed, and enters the rejection/acceptance information received from the customer(s).

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