Using Analytical Apps and Screens


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Use the SAP Fiori Flexible Analysis apps and the Service Order Issues app.

Examples of Apps and Screens

Details Screen of the Service Management Overview App

If you choose a section of the overview screen of the Service Management Overview app, a details screen displays. Here, you can see the individual documents and their details (such as their status), and view the document details by choosing the document number. You can also change the chart type or switch from a chart view to a table view.

Visual filters are also available on this screen (that is, the Service Order Analysis screen). Examples are Service Orders by Transaction Type and Service Orders by Confirmed Items.


A visual filter is also available for Service Orders by Item Category.

Card: Expired Service Contracts

One of the cards that is available in the Service Management Overview app is the Expired Service Contracts card. It shows expired service contracts and has the following features:

  • It provides a list of the expired service contracts of the last 6 months, starting from the most recently expired service contract.
  • It provides a list of 10 expired service contracts on the card itself.
  • The card can be expanded to extend the list of expired service contracts shown.
  • The card provides the following list of fields: description, contract value, sold-to party, contract end date.
  • Clicking on the card will lead to a navigation to the SAP Fiori app called Manage Service Contracts for further analysis and action.

Flexible Analysis Apps: Service Orders and Service Contracts

In SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, service, several apps are available for a flexible analysis of service documents. There is an SAP Fiori app available called Service Orders - Flexible Analysis. Another app that is available is called Service Contracts - Flexible Analysis.

As an example, key features of the SAP Fiori app called Service Contracts - Flexible Analysis are:

  • Input parameters can be entered when starting the app, or a saved variant for these can be created.
  • For the entered parameters, service contracts are selected, and the following measures are shown: billing value of the settlement period, billed value of the settlement period, net value of billing document request (BDR) items, number of billing request lines due for billing.
  • The report shows all the service contracts with the count of billing request lines due for billing.

Analyzing Issues in Service Delivery

The Service Order Issues app helps to display and monitor a variety of issues in service contracts and service orders. It supports a detailed view to analyze issues. Issues can be displayed by country and region, by service transaction, and also by sales organization. A variety of chart types are available, as are mini charts and various filters for analysis and monitoring. Additional information can be displayed and you can also focus on certain data, such as service transactions.

To run these analyzes, users must have the Customer Service Manager business role (SAP_BR_CUSTOMER_SRVC_MGR) assigned to their user master record. Once the role is assigned, users can find the analyzes in the SAP Fiori launchpad by going to the Service Management Analytics header area and selecting the Service Order Issues SAP Fiori app.

Business benefits:

  • Displaying and monitoring of issues in service contracts and service orders
  • Analyzing results by issue, country and region, service transaction, and sales organization

Mini Charts in the Service Order Issues App

Once you start the Service Order Issues app, a screen displays where you can show or hide the mini charts by choosing the link on the top right of the screen. You can also select the chart type that the system uses to display the number of issues in the respective issue categories (such as Service Order Confirmation Issues). You can switch from a chart view to a tabular view.

The Service Contract Performance Dashboard

The Service Contract Performance Dashboard dashboard is also available. It has the following characteristics:

  • It provides analysis options for contract items based on various key figures.
  • There is both an overview and a detailed view of service contract items available.
  • It contains a time line chart for service contract items expiring in the next six months and also service contract items that expired in the last six months.
  • It provides trend charts for new and canceled/expired service contract items in terms of net value.
  • Based on the charts mentioned in the previous items, a list of service contract items can also be generated.

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