Using SAP Fiori Apps to Process Credit Memos


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Use SAP Fiori apps to process credit memos.

SAP Fiori Apps for Credit Memo Processing for Service Management (4GG)

SAP Fiori Apps for Credit Memo Processing for Service Management (4GG)

Credit memo requests (CMR) can be created in several ways. The SAP Fiori app Manage Credit Memo Requests is one of the available options. If the CMR needs approval and a workflow has been set up for this, the My Inbox - All Items Fiori app can be used to process the approval. The actual credit memos can be created using the Create Billing Documents Fiori app. The transaction history can be analyzed using the Manage Service Orders or Manage Service Contracts Fiori apps.

Approval of Credit Memo Requests: Configuring Approval Reasons

You can configure the approval of credit memo requests by using the Configure Your Solution Fiori app, in the Sales application area, Basic Functions sub area, and the Document Approvals item.

You can define and assign approval reasons via the available Self-Service Configuration User Interface (SSCUI).

You need to implement the Business Add-In (BAdI) SD_APM_SET_APPROVAL_REASON. This BAdI is a prerequisite if you want to use an approval workflow for sales documents. Whenever a credit memo request, which is a sales document, is saved by a business user, this BAdI is called. The BAdI determines whether a sales document needs to be sent to an approver and, if required, sets an approval request reason at the header level of the sales document.

The last step that you need to do, is to set up the approval workflow itself:

How to Create a Credit Memo Request: Create Sales Documents (VA01)

You can start the creation of a Credit Memo Request using the SAP Fiori app called Manage Credit Memo Requests or by creating a sales document in the SAP Fiori app called Create Sales Orders (VA01). You then select the sales document type Cre. MemoReq. f.Srv (SCR).

Create with Reference

After selecting the document type, choose Create with Reference. In the pop-up screen that follows, enter the billing document number for which the credit memo request needs to be created and choose Item Selection.

Copy and Save

Select the item for which you want to create a credit memo request and choose Copy. The selected item is copied into the credit memo request document. Choose Save. The credit memo request is saved to the database.

The Transaction History of a Service Confirmation

Now let's assume that the credit memo request is created based on an invoice for a service order. When you open the service order in the Manage Service Orders Fiori app and check theTransaction History of the service confirmation, you can see that the credit memo request has been added to it. The same procedure works for service contracts (using the Manage Service Contracts Fiori app).

Workflow: Release Credit Memo Request

When you log on to the system with a user that has the Sales Manager role assigned and check your tasks in the My Inbox - All Items SAP Fiori app, the inbox contains the Release of Credit Memo Request task with the credit memo request ID of the document created. You can then select the task to display the details view. Choose Release to release the credit memo request document. In the pop-up screen that follows, enter a decision note and choose Submit. The credit memo request document is released for billing.

Create Billing Documents

You can display the released credit memo request in the Create Billing Documents SAP Fiori app. You can select the credit memo request and choose Create to create the credit memo. The billing clerk role is needed for this.

Checking the Process Flow

You can then check the process flow of the credit memo that has been created.

Service Orders - Actuals

From a finance point of view, you can check the postings made so far to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, finance in the Service Order Actuals Fiori app. The summary of revenue of item 20 is set to zero. You can then choose Jump To and select Display Line Items in General Ledger.

Line Items in the General Ledger

You can now check the line items in the general ledger to display the postings made for the credit memo.

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