Using SAP Fiori Apps to Process Intercompany Billing Documents


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use SAP Fiori apps to process intercompany billing

SAP Fiori Apps for Intercompany Billing for Service Documents (53Y)

A Customer Orders a Service

A customer orders a set of services in company code 1010 (DE). In the figure, the app Manage Service Orders is used to show the service order created for this example.

Note that the scope item also supports intercompany processing for repair orders.

The Service Confirmation

A confirmation is entered for the service order by the technician (John Peter in the example) that is assigned to a cost center that belongs to company code 1710 (US).

Generating the Intercompany Billing Request

Once the confirmation has been entered in the system, the intercompany billing request can be created. The SAP Fiori app Generate Intercompany Billing Request can be used to do this. Job template Resource Related Billing between Company Codes is available to support this step. Enter the number of the intercompany sales order and the service document.

Make sure you also set the flags Current w/ Curr.Date and Save sales document.

The result of running this job is that a debit memo request is created. The document number of this debit memo request can be found in the log.

The Document Flow of the Intercompany Sales Order

After having run the job that creates the intercompany billing request, you can see it (as a debit memo request) in the document flow of the intercompany sales order.

The Debit Memo Request

In the figure above: the debit memo request contains a material (T999) that includes the service time. It combines all intercompany costs posted against materials other than T000-T020 and E004.

Creating the Intercompany Invoice

After the debit memo request has been generated, the actual intercompany invoice can be created based on the debit memo request. The SAP Fiori app called Create Billing Documents - Billing Due List Items can be used to do this.


If you need to select a document type, choose CI02 (Intercompany Invoice).

SAP Fiori App Service Orders - Actuals

When analyzing the service order, the calculated intercompany margin can be seen. The intercompany margin is the difference between the intercompany and the intracompany cost rate.

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