Using the App Manage Service Quotations


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a service quotation using an SAP Fiori app

SAP Fiori Apps Used in Service Quotation (4GA)

Manage Service Quotations

From the SAP Fiori launchpad, under the header Service Order Management, you can launch the SAP Fiori app called Manage Service Quotations. The business role called SAP_BR_CUSTOMER_SRVC_MGR must be assigned to the business user who needs to create the quotations.

When the SAP Fiori app opens, choose Create Service Quotation.

Two document types (Service Quotation Types) are available. One is for a standard service quotation scenario (Standard Service Quotation) which is equivalent to a time and material process. The key characteristic of this process is that the total quotation amount is calculated based on the time and material information entered in the quotation and offered to the customer. The other document type (Service Quotation Type) is for a Fixed Price scenario (called Fixed Price Service Quotation). When using Fixed Price, a fixed price is maintained in the service quotation for the service(s) offered to the customer. The Sold-To Party, the Requested Start Date, Requested End Date, and a Description are also required (header) fields.

In the example shown, the standard (time and material) scenario is used.

Next, enter the (service) Product(s) in the service quotation. You can branch to the details of these service products and enter details, such as pricing elements specific for this quotation.

Both types of service bundles can also be created and/or used in service quotations.

Once all service products with all needed details like pricing are entered into the service quotation, the document can be completed and then saved. Choose, for example Save and Edit so that the quotation can be completed and then stored in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition.

You can now include information such as the Validity End Date, a Contact Person, and if needed, a Note. To see the header pricing details and add additional elements, scroll down.

An example of a header pricing element that can be added is Freight costs that apply to the quotation as a whole. Once all information has been specified in the service quotation, choose Save. The document is stored in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition.

From the list of service quotations now visible in the Manage Service Quotations app, a service quotation can now be sent to the customer by choosing the envelope icon. The value for the field Status changes from Open to Sent to Customer.

Later, a service manager can modify an existing service quotation (by choosing Edit for an existing service quotation). This automatically sets the status of the service quotation to Under Review. In this part of the process, negotiations with the customer are ongoing.

Once the service quotation is acceptable to both parties, the customer service manager can Accept the service quotation, which automatically creates a service order for it. The status of the service quotation is updated to Accepted. A service quotation can also be rejected. This is updated again in the quotation by selecting the Reject option, which updates the status of the quotation to Rejected. In the example, the service quotation is accepted.

In the accepted service quotation, under the header Transaction History, the automatically created service order is now visible. Selecting its document number opens the details of this service order in the SAP Fiori app called Manage Service Orders.


Service quotations and service orders have also been integrated into the SAP Fiori app Customer 360° View - Version 2.

The mentioned app enables you to:

  • Get an overview of a specific customer by reviewing the list of service orders and quotations for this customer.
  • View internal and external contact information of a customer.
  • Create service orders or service quotations using quick links.

Follow-up quotations in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition

You can create follow-up quotations to service quotations and fixed price service quotations, if you require additional service items or service parts to perform a service that haven't been specified in the accepted service quotation. In the follow-up quotation, you add the additional items. Having done this, you send the updated service quotation to the customer. Once the service quotation is accepted, the additional items are copied to the related service order.

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