Identifying a Use Case


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify an example case for using SAP Service Cloud Version 2.
  • Describe the features of SAP Service Cloud Version 2.

Use Case Scenario: Introducing Aspen Bicycles

You're a Consultant assigned to the project to implement SAP Service Cloud Version 2 for Aspen Bicycles. You need to configure SAP Service Cloud Version 2 according to Aspen Bicycles requirements. In addition, as you'll be interacting with Aspen Bicycles staff at all levels during the project, you'll be expected to answer their questions and to explain and demonstrate the use of their new system.

Aspen Bicycles manufactures high quality bicycles for all ages. It is a fast growing company that is expanding globally. A key priority to sustain its current success in a competitive market with the attendant, acute growing pains is to significantly improve the service to back up its product sales.

Specifically, Aspen Bicycles executives hope that, by implementing SAP Service Cloud Version 2, the company will significantly improve the customer's experience with their after sales service process. They see this as being achieved by providing more and better managed channels of communication both in and out, leading to better response times for effective service for its growing numbers of customers. An associated improvement in employee satisfaction and enthusiasm for providing quality support consistently and in a timely manner should also then be possible, they feel. The executives hope that cracking this nut will drive up customer retention and future sales, while also driving down employee turnover.

SAP Service Cloud Version 2 Main Features​

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