Producing a Detailed Budget and Budget Consumption Reports


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Get an overview of Grants Reporting.
  • Produce a detailed budget and budget consumption report.


This unit describes the ability to produce detailed budget and budget consumption reports, reporting of important key performance indicators like available budget, status of cost share contributions and grants billing as well as an overview of grants.

Detailed reporting is covered with the apps commitment/actual line item analyzer, budget line item analyzer, budget and commitment/actual line item analyzer and display line items public sector.

KPIs are covered with the following apps: Grants Budget AVC Overview, Grants Budget Alerts, Grants Billing Analysis, Grants Open Commitments, and Grants Cost Sharing.

The Grants Overview app opens a report with multiple pages for different aspects of the grant.

Detailed Reporting

The reports commitment/actual line item analyzer, budget line item analyzer, and budget and commitment/actual line item analyzer displays the data relevant for budget execution. The measures available are commitments and actuals, which are separated into expense and revenue. Hierarchies can be used for selection and display of the data. The reports allows you to drill down to all available account assignments, selected master data attributes such as sponsor and fund type, and document attributes such as document number, item number, and posting date.


Since the reports show only lines relevant for budget execution, you cannot analyze complete documents with these reports - for example, liability lines are not displayed. To analyze complete documents, the report display line items public sector is available.

The difference between the reports is the data source used and, as a consequence, the data displayed:

  • Commitment/actual report uses data from ACDOCA (View C_PUBSECCMTMTACTLITEMQRY2)
  • Budget report uses data from the planning table ACDOCP (View C_PUBSECBDGTLINEITEMQRY1)
  • Budget and commitment/actual uses data from both tables (View C_PUBSECBDGTACTLITEMQRY2)

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