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SAP's Landscape Management

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What is SAP Landscape Management?

SAP Landscape Management is a tool to automate and orchestrate laborious system operations. But what does it mean?

Orchestration has its origin within music and is about the study or practice of music for an orchestra. As a profession, the orchestrator is a trained musical professional who assigns instruments from an orchestra or other musical ensembles to a piece of music. Source: Wikipedia.

Adopted to SAP Landscape Management, SAP Landscape Management will be the orchestrator in your SAP landscape and assign different tools from SAP or a 3rd party to a piece of an automation process. The orchestrator, the conductor is actually not playing the instruments but conducts when the string instruments or the brass have to set in.

Besides orchestration, SAP Landscape Management is all about automation. It is the consequence of triggering multiple operations and wrapping them together in predefined processes. To achieve automation with SAP Landscape Management, we use certain functionality from SAP and Partners. Customers are encouraged to explore their own options by adding custom steps and include them into processes and automate it their way.

When switching HANA from primary to secondary while using SAP HANA System Replication, you can use your SAP HANA Cockpit and the SAP Kernel feature to quiesce all dialog and batch processes. In addition you could also have your network team handle any communication changes.

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