Finding Information Sources for SAP Landscape Management


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Find SAP Landscape Management information sources

Information Sources for SAP Landscape Management

Information Sources - Product Page

SAP Landscape Management provides different kinds of information through multiple SAP websites like, our help portal, and the community page for SAP Landscape Management. The product site of SAP Landscape Management delivers various information on the product, like key features and benefits. Pricing and Packaging are as important as the contact information for customers who are investigating SAP Landscape Management for the first time.


SAP Landscape Management Community Page

The community page of SAP Landscape Management provides further information about the tool. It offers expert content like best practice guides, and a collective overview of certain SAP blogs about the integrations or features of SAP Landscape Management. One of the latest is about the integration of SuSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension to cover SLAs. Furthermore, you can use the community page as an additional channel to ask questions and get them answered by SAP or other community members. The community page will keep you up-to-date about new releases or support packages.


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