Describing the Concept of Version Stacks


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand the version stack concept
  • Discuss the use of version stacks

Version Stacks

Version Stack Concept

Version Stack Concept – Key Points

  • A version stack comprises a group of consolidation versions that are linked together by each of their respective reference version settings.

  • If one or more extension versions are linked to one standard version, different parallel scenarios of consolidation financial statements, such as the already described multiple group currency scenario or restatement and simulationscenarios, are possible.

  • The link to the standard version can be a:

    • Direct link:

      The standard version is the reference version of an extension version.

    • Indirect link:

      The extension version is the reference version of another extension version.

      The indirect links eventually lead to the same standard version, since the first extension version is created using the standard version as a reference version.

  • The following example illustrates a version stack with extension versions that link to the standard version directly and indirectly.

Since all these versions in the figure above are built on top of one another, they all link to the same standard version via their reference version settings and thus comprise a version stack.

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