Outlining the Preparation Ledger


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Describe the Preparation Ledger Concept and its benefits.

The Preparation Ledger

The group reporting preparation ledger helps you integrate accounting with group reporting at the accounting level more tightly.

Benefits of the Direct Integration of General Ledger Accounting and Group Reporting

Each consolidation version is linked to one accounting ledger, that is, the leading ledger. Customers have the option to implement the group reporting preparation ledger. The main reasons to implement the preparation ledger are:

  • Group reporting fields are populated in the ACDOCA table at the time of the G/L posting.

  • Consolidation units and FS items can be derived via substitution logic.

  • Get real-time aggregated group reporting data in accounting.

  • Improved response time and performance.

  • New universal journal validation task.

  • Release accounting data in special periods into group reporting special periods.

  • Realignment of group reporting in accounting and accounting balance carry-forward.

The group reporting relevant fields that are updated in ACDOCA include:

  • Consolidation unit

  • Consolidation company

  • Partner unit

  • Consolidation COA

  • Financial statement item

  • Consolidation subitem category

  • Consolidation subitem

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