Outlining Balance Carryforward


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  • Discuss balance carryforward in SAP S/4HANA on Cloud for group reporting

Balance Carryforward

Group Reporting Balance Carryforward – Key Points:

  • Run balance carryforward in the data monitor in the first closing period of a new year.

  • Balances of balance sheet and statistical FS items from the previous fiscal year are copied into the current fiscal year.

  • Current-year retained earnings are carried forward to prior-year retained earnings.

  • Data is carried forward into period 00 in ACDOCU into the opening balance subitem (900).

  • The opening balance subitem can only be posted to via the Balance Carryforward task.

  • Balance carryforward is only run once per fiscal year.

  • The Balance Carryforward task only appears for the first closing period for each fiscal year in the data monitor

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