Introducing the SAP HANA Cloud Admin Tools


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the three SAP HANA Cloud administration tools

Overview SAP HANA Cloud Admin Tools

The SAP HANA Cloud Administration Tools

The Cloud Foundry concepts have been central to the HANA Cloud experience since its launch. All HTTP access to HANA Cloud for database provisioning, management, and development work has gone through the Cloud Foundry user authentication and authorization framework.

You needed a Cloud Foundry environment to use the SAP HANA Cloud tools to perform the SAP HANA Cloud database administration tasks. This close connection with the Cloud Foundry environment was very useful for all the Cloud Foundry developments, but overtime in SAP BTP new development environments were released.

To better integrate with the Kyma environment, the SAP HANA Cloud tools needed to become multi-environment capable. With the 2022 QRC3 release in October 2022, SAP HANA Cloud and the SAP HANA Cloud tools are multi-environment, where environment refers to the Cloud Foundry or Kyma runtime environments available within SAP BTP subaccounts.

With the introduction of the multi-environment SAP HANA Cloud tools, the Cloud Foundry SAP HANA Cloud tools became obsolete. The future development will be on multi-environment SAP HANA Cloud tools.
Overview of the multi-environment SAP HANA Tools

To learn more about the multi-environment SAP HANA Tools, have a look at the blog of my colleague Tom Slee:

In these blogs, Tom Slee explains the background, how to configure and activate the new SAP HANA Cloud tools. Currently, in the old and new world, the SAP HANA Cloud tools are the same, but new features will be added primarily to the multi-environment tools, and not to the Cloud Foundry tools.

Multi-environment SAP HANA Tools

Some of the new features are already visible in the multi-environment tools. One is the merger of SAP HANA Cloud Central with SAP HANA Cockpit, and second the separated Alert viewer.

The SAP HANA Cloud Admin Tools

When using the SAP BTP Cockpit, you're able to perform SAP HANA Cloud administration tasks using one the following tools:

  • SAP HANA Cloud Central
  • SAP HANA cockpit
  • SAP HANA database explorer

SAP HANA Cloud Central

SAP HANA Cloud Centra

SAP HANA Cloud Central enables you to administer and monitor SAP HANA Cloud instances. SAP HANA Cloud Central is shared by other SAP BTP products that can exchange data with SAP HANA Cloud, such as SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP HANA Cloud, data lake. You need to be assigned to the SAP HANA Cloud Administrator role collection to manage SAP HANA Cloud instances in SAP HANA Cloud Central.

SAP HANA Cockpit

SAP HANA Cockpit

SAP HANA cockpit enables you to perform administration and monitoring tasks at the database level, and administer and monitor all SAP HANA databases in SAP HANA Cloud.

SAP HANA Cockpit

In SAP HANA Cockpit, you can drill down to perform in-depth monitoring on an individual system or SQL query. SAP HANA Cockpit will provide the database administrator with alters, workload information, user and role management, and database configuration options.

SAP HANA Database Explorer

Open SAP HANA Database Explorer

Database administrators can use the SAP HANA cockpit to monitor system resources (memory, CPU, and storage), analyze SQL statement, configure system settings, and manage users and authorizations.

SAP HANA database explorer enables you to make changes to the data and database objects in your databases.

SAP HANA Database Explorer

SAP HANA database explorer allows you to query information about the database using SQL. You can also view information about your database's catalog objects and look into the database diagnostic files.


In this lesson, you've learned about the SAP HANA Cloud tools SAP HANA Cloud Central, SAP HANA cockpit, and SAP HANA database explorer and gained insight into the new multi-environment SAP HANA Cloud tools.

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