Opening SAP HANA Cockpit


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Open the SAP HANA Cockpit for SAP HANA Cloud databases

SAP HANA Cockpit: Opening

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, you'll learn how to open the SAP HANA cockpit available in the SAP HANA Cloud Central delivered in the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Business Case

As a database administrator of the SAP HANA Cloud database, you need to use the SAP HANA cockpit to administer the SAP HANA Cloud databases deployed in the SAP Business Technology Platform.

SAP HANA Cockpit

From the SAP BTP cockpit, navigate to your SAP BTP subaccount (1), in the navigation panel select Instances and subscriptions (2), and select the SAP HANA Cloud (3) to open the SAP HANA Cloud Central.

The SAP HANA Cloud Central (1) opens in a new browser tab. This makes it easier to navigate between the SAP HANA Cloud Central and SAP BTP Cockpit.

To open the Actions Menu for the selected cloud database, select the °°° (2) button. From the Actions menu, select the Open in SAP HANA Cockpit (3) option.

The SAP HANA cockpit overview page opens in a new tab and displays a set of cards that can be used to monitor the SAP HANA Cloud database instance.

SAP HANA Cloud database instances can only be administrated by the SAP HANA cockpit provided in the SAP BTP.

Use the Search (1) field to quickly find the card you need. Many cards display, in real time, in a mini chart monitoring data that represents the status or displays an important KPI. As an example show, in the screenshot, you see the CPU Usage (2) card. The mini chart shows the total CPU usage of your SAP HANA Cloud database instance.

Open SAP HANA Cockpit

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