Managing Footprint Inventory Scopes


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the constituents of the footprint calculations

Management of Footprint Inventory Scopes

The Footprint Inventory Scope defines the organizational boundaries for the emission calculation. It has two scopes:

  • Value Chain Steps: Define the transactional scope.

  • Company Assignment: Define the organizational scope.

SAP Sustainability Footprint Management enables you to maintain various and individual inventory scopes, and to define the organizational boundaries of the footprint calculation. It includes companies and plants that you should include and considered steps of the value chain. This defines sections of the value chain under consideration, for example, procurement or the entire production process. It also enables companies to start small and, over time, enhance the scope to a full-fledged emission calculation. The periodicity of the footprint calculation is always monthly.

Manage Footprint Inventory Scopes

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