Viewing and Analyzing Transport Footprints


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Analyze calculated transport footprints using various charts and graphs

Transport Footprints Views and Analysis

Freight Transport Analytics

There are a variety of built-in reports to analyze the calculated emissions from inbound and outbound freight transports. The View Transport Data app offers dynamic reports and business intelligence features for carbon reporting. It generates charts and detailed reports on various KPIs, including Well-to-Wheel, Well-to-Tank, and Tank-to-Wheel emissions, as required by the GLEC Framework (refer to

You can also access data, for example, on distance, shipment volume, and weight. The app enables you to customize transport mode, service provider, and other dimensions. You can view data monthly or yearly and download it for easy integration into existing reports.

There are various ways to download and export different formats of reports and graphs. You can further define complex filters for building individual reports.

Various chart types are available and you can chose between a variety of measures (such as CO2e or distance for individual or all transports), dimensions (such as transport mode or month), and colors for individual visualizations.

Dynamic reports help you analyze your transport emissions in depth and also recognize and investigate emission hotspots.

View and Analyze Transport Data

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