Digital skills for SAP

Boost your career with digital skills - Open new career opportunities with free learning and certification.

Welcome to the digital skills initiative by SAP

The Digital Skills Initiative is designed to break down barriers and open the path to fulfilling careers in technology for everyone. Whether you're just starting, seeking a career shift, returning to the workforce as a veteran, or exploring new horizons, we're here to help.

This initiative focuses on delivering comprehensive training to help learners achieve SAP Certification; a key milestone on the path to potential employment. For our partners seeking to recruit, this program provides a pool of certified and ready-to-hire talent. Explore the tabs below to learn more about who can benefit from this Initiative.

Reach out to us as a prospective candidate

The beginner corner is the place to reach out to us and introduce yourself as a potential candidate for the digital skills initiative.
Read the blog to find out how to participate in the initiative.
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Hire new talent

The digital skills initiative is working to make newly trained and certified job candidates available to you. We train them and you hire them; free of charge.